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Graphic Design Portfolio

As a graphic designer, Jenna enjoys exploring ways to make their work visually engaging while maintaining clarity in communication. They have studied typography, color theory, the history of design, and brand identity. They are skilled in Adobe Illustraitor, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, and hand drawn lettering & illustration. Jenna uses their insight on composition to help clients achieve aesthetically pleasing, coherent, and joyful work.

Icon for Natalie Johnson Dance

This logo was commissioned by a Boston-based dance company, Natalie Johnson Dance, to provide them with a secondary simplistic icon for promotional material and merchandise.

Check out NJD's Work!


Instagram: @nataliejohnsondance

Image 1: final logo design

Image 2 & 3: performance posters designed by Jenna Gross and photography by Olivia Moon Photography/ halfasianlens)

Image 4: T-shirt design

Image 5: Coffee mug design

Performance Posters

STAND: Performance art installation honoring victims of domestic violence

Jr/Sr: Student-run show at Roger Williams University

Put Me On The Fridge: Solo performance for RWU advanced choreography class 

Logo Design for The Ivy Collective

This logo was commissioned by an Etsy and Instagram shop that sells handcrafted jewelry. 

Check out her work!

Instagram: @shopivycollective

Etsy: TheIvyCollective

Branding Manual for

Fingers Crossed Institute

Good and bad luck themed store connected to 826 National. 

Student project