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Jenna's solo and collaborative work

Jenna’s choreography aims to find a balance between dance and comedy. The main focus of thier work is to make serious topics into jokes and to take jokes seriously. Jenna blends familiar gestures with athletic movement to highlight the themes within their work. She hopes to continue to create solo work along with collaborative pieces.

Something Very Wrong (2021)

Something Very Wrong uses overexaggerated emotional imagery and on-the-nose music cues to explore the fine line between taking dance so seriously, it just may become tacky. This ironically dramatic performance was inspired by the longing for physical and emotional human connection felt as the world navigates the social changes society has faced during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Choreographers and Performers:

Jenna Gross and Jillian MacLaughlin

Music: “That’s Just the Way It Is”

by Phil Collins

Photography by Bill Peresta

Performed at Tiny dances September 2021

Run Time: 2:40

Slow Boat (2020)

Slow Boat combines task-based movement along with optical illusion imagery to create a grounded yet dreamy landscape. In this film, Jenna reflects on her relationship with boats, negative associations, and what it means to have an attachment.

Choreographer, Performer, and Editor:

Jenna Gross

Concept Collaboration and Project Mentorship: Cathy Nicoli

Videographer and Photos: E. Underhill

Music: “Somebody’s Rocking My Dreamboat” by The Ink Spots and “Waterfalls” by TLC

Virtual Premier October 2020

Run Time: 12:00

You Should (2020)

You Should explores the fears and pressures of performing on stage and in life. This piece was created through magnifying and abstracting facial expressions.

Performed and choreographed by Jenna Gross

Music: "Smile" by Timi Yuro

Run Time: 3:15

Apply Pressure (2019)

Apply Pressure comments on using comedy as a coping mechanism. This concept was explored by examining tropes in dance performances and childlike aggression.

Choreographed by Jenna Gross in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by Emily Bartniki, Michaela Curcio, Jillian MacLaughlin, Natasha McLeod, Casey Pender, Caroline Zambernardi, Cara Grady (understudy)

Music: "Break Bass" by Dandi and Ugo, "The Face Of A Clown" by Skeeter Davis

Lighting design by Matt Paquin

Photos by Erin X Smithers

Run Time: 8:00

Put Me On the Fridge (2019)

Put Me On the Fridge reimagines childhood thoughts and feelings on an adult body. Each child has different experiences, yet almost every ‘quirky’ moment becomes relatable. What is the line of individualism and relatability? This interpretation of Jenna's childhood was created through processes of dimensional thinking, transforming, and emphasizing through interviews.

Performed and choreographed by Jenna Gross

Dialogue by Jenna Gross 

Run Time: 5:30

hayno;fauqu (2019)

The inspiration for hayno;fauqu came from Jenna and Jill's time studying abroad in London, England. This work reflects on the absurdity of high society and finds humor in archaic social norms. 

Choreographed by Jenna Gross and Jillian MacLaughlin

Performed by Jenna Gross, Jillian MacLaughlin, and David Micale

Music: "Windcatcher Part III" by Phillip Glass, "The Conversation" by Dictaphone

Lighting design by Matt Paquin

Photos by Kayla Ebner

Performed during the Junior Senior Showcase at Roger Williams University March 2019

Run time: 5:15

No wind, No rain (2019)

No wind, No rain was created for the Tiny Dances festival in September 2019 where dancers perform on a tiny stage. This piece reflects the key components of Jenna and Jill's choreographic process: support and playfulness. 


Choreographed and performed by Jenna Gross and Jillian MacLaughlin

Music: "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Performed at Tiny Dances September 2019

Run time: 2:30

Beautifully Barren (2018)

Beautifully Barren transfers the architecture of abandoned buildings onto moving bodies. This piece reflects on the phenomena of being emotionally attached to inanimate objects and structures.

Choreographed and performed by Jenna Gross and Jillian MacLaughlin

Music: Palestrina: Nigra Sum; Bruce Dickey, cornetto; Voices of Music

Performed at BDTx June 2018 and during the Onstage Dance Company Summer Performance Series with ProviDANCE Project August 2018

Photography by Ria Monet McKinnon

Run time: 5:00 

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