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Jenna Gross is a dancer and graphic designer from Westford, MA. They have received their BA in Dance and Performance with a minor in Graphic Design Communications from Roger Williams University. Jenna has worked with Lorraine Chapman (LCTC), Natalie Johnson Dance, and creates duet work with Jillian MacLaughlin (Rose Woods Dance Collaborative).

Jenna grew up training and competing in studio dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, contemporary, hip-hop, and lyrical dance. During her time at RWU, Jenna has studied modern, contemporary, ballet, and improvisation techniques. Additionally, they have taken theory courses in choreography, dance history, kinesiology, mime, performance art, movement theatre, and pedagogy. She has worked with a variety of guest professionals including Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Ephrat Asherie, Shura Baryshnikov & Danielle Davidson of Doppelganger Dance Collective, Seán Curran, Tiffany Mills, Christina Robson, Jenny Rocha, Renaud Wiser, Raphael Xavier, and Netta Yershalmy.

In the fall of 2018, Jenna studied abroad in London, England. During their time in the UK, they learned choreography from Renaud Wiser, had technique classes with Stephen Pelton and Tory Trotter, and had workshops with Jorge Crecis, Katie Lusby, and

Sarah Poekert. 

Her current research and practice revolves around kinesthetically sound movement and exploring dynamic partnering. Their passion for comedy intertwines within their practice by analyzing her childhood, discovering quirky movements, and poking fun at the prestige of dance. The main focus of their choreographic work is to make serious topics into jokes and to take jokes seriously.

Jenna strives to find a balance between her love for dance and design by examining movement and composition within

both mediums.


As a designer, Jenna enjoys exploring ways to make their work visually engaging while maintaining clarity in communication. She has studied typography, color theory, the history of design, and brand identity. Jenna uses their insight on composition to help clients achieve aesthetically pleasing and coherent work.

When Jenna is not dancing or designing, they can usually be found knitting or attempting to crochet.  

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